The  SISmagazine is an initiative promoted and managed by the Italian Statistical Society (SIS)

The idea is to provide an on-line forum for the discussion of contemporary issues in statistics. The initiative aims to increase awareness of the use of statistics through the publication of short articles that are easily accessible even to non-specialists. To this end it takes a critical look at the statistical information given in the media and which crops up in everyday life, thus encouraging media operators to pay greater attention to detail and accuracy.

A further aim is to provide a forum for debate on statistics in all its aspects. The use of internet makes it possible to discuss topical issues as they occur and to open a forum that is accessible to all.
The chance to see short articles published quickly and to receive feedback from visitors to the site means that this forum is particularly suited to developing constructive debate. We encourage all members and visitors to the site to contribute to this discussion with new articles and comments.


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