General Information
The Italian Statistical Society periodically publishes:

Statistical Methods & Applications
This is the international scientific journal of the Society. It is printed every three months a year in English by Springer-Verlag.

Statistica & Società
This is the Society's on-line journal for the spread of a culture of statistics.

SIS Informazioni
This is the Society's monthly news-sheet, giving  information on  new members, scientific initiatives and a calendar of national and international events.

Proceedings of the Scientific Meetings      
In recent years the Proceedings of the Scientific Meetings have been published and include papers presented in the plenary and specialized sessions, while a second volume of Short Papers contains the ad hoc presentations.

Proceedings of the Intermediate Conferences

The Proceedings of the Intermediate Conferences are also published and contain papers from the plenary and specialized sessions and the ad hoc contributions published as Short Papers.

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