The traditional Scientific Meeting, which is held every other year in even years, and the Intermediate Conference, which is held in odd years, are the most important scientific meetings of the Society.

The Scientific Meeting covers many topics and has three or four plenary papers from invited speakers on general topics of research. It also includes papers from invited speakers who deal with specialized topics, and accepts further papers presented at ad hoc sessions. The selection committee assesses papers submitted for the ad hoc sessions.

The Intermediate Conference has the same structure but deals with a single topic. Both conferences involve active participation of members and associates of the Society and emphasize the scientific objectives of SIS. While the main meetings take place there are also a number of satellite meetings. The participation of SIS members is generally quite high and in addition a good number of non-members interested in the specific topics dealt with each time, attend. In particular, there has been a consistent rise in the attendance of young academics and statisticians and of young people working in business and pre-university education.

The annual General Assembly coincides with the Scientific Meeting or Intermediate Conference each year. The General Assembly approves the budget and elects new members to offices that have reached their term. The President of SIS officially opens both the Scientific Meetings and the Intermediate Conference.

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