It is possible to participate in the activities of the Italian Statistical Society by joining in one of the following ways:

Full Members represent, along with corporate members, the core membership of the SIS and they constitute the elective body of the Society. Full Members are active in advancing and disseminating statistical disciplines. Among the Full Members are university professors and researchers working in public organizations and private corporations.

Corporate Members are largely businesses and other organizations interested in the Italian Statistical Society. Although not able to vote at the general elections, employees of the Corporate Members may participate in the courses offered by SIS at discounted rates.

Full associates are those who wish to keep updated with new statistical developments. They are also welcome to participate in all the scientific activities of the SIS.

Junior associates are recent graduates in statistical or affiliated disciplines (i.e. those who received their degree within the last three years) who continue to study in this area and who wish to keep abreast of the most recent advances in statistics. PhD students in statistics, applied and demographic statistics may join the SIS as junior associates. The title of junior associate is only valid up to five years.

Joining the SIS is the quickest and easiest way to get information on the activities of the Society, and to attend the Scientific Meetings, the Intermediate Conferences, and many other initiatives organized under the auspices of the SIS as well as to submit scientific contributions.

Both full and junior associates may attend courses at the SIS School at discounted rates.

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