The SIS is non-profit, scientific charity founded in 1939 and currently included among organizations of particular scientific importance. Its mission is to promote the development of statistical science and its application in economic, social, health, demographic, technical and production fields and in many other areas of research.

As set out in its statute, the Society promotes its aims by organizing meetings and scientific conferences, by publishing and by working with similar associations at a national and international level.

Since its foundation the Society has grown in line with the rapid spread of quantitative methods of data analysis in all areas of science and society.

The SIS works with numerous foreign statistical associations, and is affiliated with the International Statistical Institute (ISI) as well as being a member of the International Federation of the Classification Societies (IFCS) through its coordinating group SIS-CLADAG. The SIS also supports the programme of European Courses in Advanced Statistics (ECAS).

Società Italiana di Statistica
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