Meeting of the German and Italian National Statistics Societies Joint Declaration of the Italian and German National Statistical Societies
Berlin, 18 February 2005
The Italian and German National Statistical Societies, represented by their Presidents, at the conclusion of their meeting in the Italian Embassy in Berlin on the 18th of February 2005,
    • considering the increasing importance of Statistics in all fields of social, economic, experimental, environmental and life sciences
    • after close examination of the existing links among the European National Statistical Societies
    • considering the importance of enhancing the influence of the Statistical Sciences for the further development of the European Statistical System
    • considering the likely establishment of a European Research Council dedicated to the fostering of Fundamental Sciences
    have agreed to establish regular meetings and informal contacts to promote the creation of a European Network of the National Statistical Societies, with a view to having Statistics adequately represented in the future European Research Council.

February 18th, 2005 Berlin, Germany
Meeting at the Italian Embassy
Organizer: Prof. Vincenzo Dovì
Scientific Advisor
List of contributions   
  • Welcome Address: H.E. The Minister Giulio Tonini
  • Introduction: Vincenzo Dovì, Scientific Advisor
Session 1: Aims and activities of the two societiesChair:
Friedrich Schmid
Session 2: Research in official statistics
Chair: Antonio Giusti Session 3: Statistical education
Chair: Daniela Cocchi Session 4: Research in theoretical and applied statistics
Chair:Karl Mosler

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